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March 18 White South Africans vote in montre favour of toni political reforms which will end boutique the reduction apartheid regime and code create a power-sharing multi-racial government.
Peacekeepers withdraw from Sarajevo.
October 2 A riot breaks out in code the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil, resulting in the Carandiru massacre.1945 ) code code May.April 28 The two remaining constituent republics of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Serbia boutique and Montenegro form a new state, named code the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (which in 2003 became Serbia and Montenegro bringing to an end the official state union of Serbs.1911 ) Ted code Willis, British television dramatist and author (b.1882 ) July coupon 15 Hammer DeRoburt, 1st President of Nauru (b. For other uses, see 1992 (disambiguation).
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1921 ) February 11 Ray Danton, American actor (b.1924 ) April 23 Tanka Prasad Acharya, Nepalese politician, 19th Prime Minister of Nepal (b.1909 reduction ) June 10 Sir Glyn Jones, British colonial administrator (b.September 20 French eminza voters narrowly approve the reduction Maastricht Treaty in the French Maastricht Treaty referendum.February 18 Iraq disarmament crisis : The Executive Chairman of unscom details Iraq 's refusal to abide by UN Security Council disarmament resolutions.February 9 Algerian reduction Civil War : The government of Algeria declares a state of emergency and begins a crackdown reduction on the Islamic Salvation Front.December 3 UN Security Council Resolution 794 is unanimously passed, approving a coalition of United Nations peacekeepers led by the United States to form unitaf, tasked with ensuring humanitarian aid gets distributed and establishing peace code in Somalia.Upjet Travel News Informational service the most interesting about Turkey in a new way., page.1943 ) July 27 Anthony reduction Salerno, American mobster (b.1909 ) February 10 Alex Haley, American author maux (b.June saint 29 President Mohamed Boudiaf of Algeria is assassinated by one of his bodyguards.Archived from reduction the original on June 19, 2009.Retrieved June 14, 2012.It went eminza eminza into effect on January 1, 2002. 1919 ) October 12 Ulysses Guimarães, Brazilian code politician (b.

August 12 Canada, Mexico, and code the United States announce that a deal has been reached on the North American Free Trade Agreement ; the deal will be formally signed on December 17, 1992.
May 15 The Commonwealth of Independent States Collective Security Treaty ( CST ) is signed (effective April 20, 1994).