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I welcome the reduction shopping in reduction road traffic fatalities.
reduction The company has had reduction a reduction reduction reduction in zoombits sales.The sense development was broadly similar to that of reduce; senses (1) and(2) date from the late 17th reduction cent.See reduction reduction in the Oxford Learner's reduction Dictionary of Academic EnglishSee reduction in the Oxford Advanced code American Dictionary.She proposed a reduction in the state presidents powers.Oxford Collocations Dictionary adjectivebig, zubial considerable, great, verb reductionachieve, make, secure, reduction verboccur, take place reduction nountarget prepositionthrough a/the reduction, reduction by, reduction from, phrasesa reduction in numbers, a reduction in the amount of something, a reduction in the number of something, See full entry 2 countable. They are zooplus concerned about the reduction in numbers shopping of people eligible for legal aid.

The IMF reduction claims to reduction put poverty reduction reduction at the heart of its reduction policies.1 countable, uncountable reduction reduction (in something) an act of making something less or smaller; the state of being made beauval less or smaller a 33 reduction in doué the number of hospital beds available There reduction has been some reduction in unemployment.Figures just released show a steady reduction in levels of emissions over the last four years.Police said they had doué noticed a significant reduction in crime last year.Customer Information, your shopping cart is empty.You could save reduction hundreds of dollars. Every effort is made to secure the highest possible reduction in casualties.
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I asked for a reduction as the dress was damaged.
The code budget forecasts a deficit reduction.