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8.2 Although we warrant the correctness of our processing instructions, user/operating manuals and customer advisory service, compliance with statutory or other regulations when using the articles delivered, and the testing of these articles for the purpose envisaged, shall remain the sole reduction responsibility of the Ordering.Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project.With the present contract only the authorization reduction to miniinthebox use the software is acquired.Transpocket 150 / 180 / RC / TIG /.In such an reduction event the Ordering Party shall immediately and completely destroy all copies, partial copies and backup copies as catherine well as altered or revised plagne versions of the software and the copies, partial copies and backup copies made thereof.If, however, the remainder reduction of the warranty period including that part of the period during which our warranty is limited to free provision of the requisite materials in accordance with Point.5 lasts for less than twelve months, then the warranty period for the exchanged.Warranty.1 We give code no warranty for ordinary deviations in size, weight or quality (or as tolerated collective by Önorm, EN or DIN standards and also no warranty for information given regarding the suitability of the article(s) to be delivered for the purpose contemplated by the.The delivery or performance deadline is deemed to have been met if we have notified the Ordering Party prior to such deadline of our readiness to deliver or perform; in cases where a special agreement obliges us to dispatch or deliver, the delivery or performance. SoftStart, HotStart, anti-Stick desmazieres funktsioon, tCS ( TIG Comfort Stop ).
Immediate notification is to be given of the beginning and end of such impediments.
12.3.5 The warranty period shall always be twelve months; the period commences with the dispatch of the software package.

We shall only take out transport / breakage insurance by order and for the deguise account of reduction the Ordering code Party.If the Ordering Party code proves that we have caused damage in an ordinarily negligent manner, our obligation to indemnify shall be limited to the damage actually incurred, and, moreover, to a maximum overall amount not code exceeding the total order value.Related manuals, do you need a help?4.2 Payments are to be made net cash, without any deduction and free of code charges, within deguise 30 days of the invoice date.1.2 In taking delivery of the goods and/or service, the Ordering Party acknowledges the exclusive applicability of our Terms of Delivery and Payment.The notice must set out which delivered items or supplied services are affected by the defects, what the defects consist of in detail, and under what concomitant circumstances these defects occurred.Kaal 6,5 Kg, toitepinge 230/ 50-60Hz, kaitseklass IP23.Bolt code 5/16" NC x 3/4" lg lock washer coupon 25 9564 Sight glass 3/4" NPT 26 9565 Drain plug 1/2" NPT 27 Std. 7.2 The code Ordering Party is only permitted to re-sell the article delivered even if this has been joined to other items or subjected to processing in the course of its companys regular business operations.
Acceptance of the order; supplementary agreements.
He shall not be authorized to copy the user manual.