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Six people were injured and both planes were substantially damaged.
It has yet another fuselage stretch, an electronic flight instrument system (first introduced on the MD-88 and completely new International Aero V2500 high-bypass turbofan engines.
An airstair installed below the front passenger door was tanns tanns available as an option as was an airstair in the tailcone.
The Series 20, using the same wing as the Series 30, 40 and 50, has a slightly lower basic fuel capacity than the Series 10 (3,679 US gallons).Series 50 edit The Series 50 was the largest version of the DC-9 to enter airline service.Last delivery: May 1, 1969 to SAS.13 14 The aircraft is fitted with a passenger door in the port forward fuselage, and a service door/emergency exit is installed opposite.47 Itavia DC-9 (I-tigi) was destroyed in an accident cartable at Ustica.65 It tanns arrived at the museum on 66 It was previously operated by Delta Air Lines.And Ebeling, Ann., "Aerodynamic Design of the DC-9 Wing and High-Lift System SAE paper 670846, presented at the Aeronautic Space Engineering and Manufacturing Meeting, Los Angeles California, October 1967.On June 2, 1983, Air Canada Flight 797, a DC-9 experienced an electrical fire in the aft lavatory during flight, resulting in an emergency landing at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport."Toll from Congo plane crash rises to 44".Trejos, Nancy (January 7, 2014).Retrieved b reduction c d Endres, Gunter.The -10 was 104.4 ft (31.8 m) long and had a maximum weight of 82,000 lb (37,000 kg)."MM62012 Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force) McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 - cn 47595 / 709". All five crew members survived.
Priest, Lisa; Rick Cash.
The Series 10 was designed to have short takeoff and landing distances without the use of leading-edge high-lift devices.

Archived from the original on Retrieved "N779NC Delta Air Lines tanns McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50".Engines for Models -31, -32, -33, reduction and -34 included the P W JT8D-7 and JT8D-9 rated at 14,500 lbf (64 kN) of thrust, or JT8D-11 with 15,000 lbf (67 kN).18 people were killed in the accident.CNN, April 15, 2008.The DC-9 suffered a malfunction in one of its hydraulic systems in flight.Canada Science cartable and Technology Museums Corporation."Aircraft Accident Report: Southern Airways, Inc.The DC-9 was destroyed, killing 10 and injuring 15 of the 45 people on board; two people among the 93 aboard the Convair 880 suffered minor injuries.National Transportation Safety Board.Although the airplane came to rest in a residential area with the tail section striking a house, there were no fatalities or injuries on the ground.All passenger and crew aboard survived.The crash, possibly caused by contaminated fuel, killed all 102 passengers and crew, cartable including champion boxer Teo Cruz.The, mcDonnell Douglas DC-9 (initially known as the, douglas DC-9 ) is a twin-engine, single-aisle jet airliner.The Globe and Mail.On June 27, 1980, Itavia Flight 870, a DC-9-15, broke up mid-air and crashed reduction into the sea near the Italian island of Ustica. 12 Variants cartable edit Series 10 edit The original DC-9 (later designated the Series 10) was the smallest DC-9 variant.
Wing incidence was increased.25 degrees to reduce cruise drag.