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On the reduction other hard, specifying pagrtt devd) with corse Draft Quality would impot enable COR processing, but specifying pagrtt devd) with Near-Letter Quality (NLQ) would not enable COR processing.
Using the tampon HP LaserJet emulation, the COR feature enables 132 column X 66 line and 198 column X 66 line data corse processing reports to be printed superstudio on 8 1/2" X 11" paper in landscape orientation.
10.If.3 CPI font is impot available, it prints at 15 corse CPI.O When the Degree of page rotation (pagrtt) parameter is code set to *auto or *devd, COR processing is still dependent on the paper width and the paper length.The abbreviation for Coefficient of Reduction is COR.O, if the page length is less than.5 inches, Host Print Transform (HPT) will not perform Computer Output Reduction (COR) processing.This document was last updated on 26 December 2013.Abbreviations or Slang with similar meaning.It is not supported for files with a device bompard type of *userascii, *line, *afpdsline, or *afpds that are not created on an OS/400 or i5/OS. *none. Therefore, code to ensure that spooled files print consistently between corse printing with PSF/400 and printing with HPT, generating spooled files with the Degree of page rotation (pagrtt) parameter set to *devd should be avoided.
Comat - Compatibility of Materials, voiture cOMP poste - Compatibility, cOR - Character code Output Reduction.

What coupon most visitors search for before coming to impot this page, what does COR coupon stand for?When the Degree of pinel page rotation (pagrtt) parameter in the spooled file attributes is 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees: o impot COR is not performed.Suggestions for avoiding Computer Output Reduction (COR o The Degree of page rotation (pagrtt) parameter affects the orientation droit of the output.CT - Compatibility Technology, c I - Compatibility Interoperability, cL - Compatibility List.O If Host Print Transform (HPT) is used, it reduces 10 CPI to 17 CPI, 12 CPI to 17 CPI, and reduction 15 pinel CPI to 17 CPI or 20 CPI.The paper width is calculated to be the page width (in reduction columns or characters) divided by reduction the Characters cafe Per Inch (CPI) and the paper length is calculated to be the page length (in rows or lines) divided by the Lines reduction Per Inch (LPI).12 CPI fonts print at 15 CPI.How COR Processing Is Handled by Print Services Facility/400 (PSF/400) Computer Output Reduction (COR) is handled differently by Print Services Facility/400 (PSF/400) than by Host Print Transform (HPT). O, if the page width is greater than.5 inches, the output prints in landscape on ascii laser printers and specific HP DeskJet printers but prints in portrait base on all other printers.
COR - Compatibility Output Reduction in Undefined.

The Characters per Inch (CPI) are compressed.1 if the printer hardware is setup to use IBM Proprinter or 15 CPI if the printer hardware is setup to use Epson reduction emulation.